The Fling Before the Ring

If there’s one thing we know about Charleston, it’s that it is a booming destination for weddings! The abundance of churches, plantations, history and the beautiful landscape continues to draw people to this incredible location here in the southeast! And as we all know, with weddings comes bachelorette and bachelor parties! 

We have loved working with so many women to capture their bridal parties here in Charleston, SC! These bachelorette photo shoots are especially exciting because of the transparent bond that all of the ladies share!


Each bachelorette party we have been a part of has brought us so many genuine, fun and creative photos! On top of it all, we get the pleasure of meeting people from different states and cities! 


The list continues as to why we love shooting parties like this! Whether it be a bachelorette party, a group of friends or even a big families, we'll be there! 

Congratulations to these beautiful women! We wish you the very best!