She Said YES!

Surprises...we LOVE surprises. So, as you can imagine, we were thrilled when we got a call from Brad asking if we would shoot his proposal - now that is the ultimate surprise! Brad and his now fiancé are from out of town, but had a trip planned to Charleston, SC. He had the sweetest idea planned out and we were so excited to know we would be able to capture such a memorable moment! 


They strolled around the streets of downtown Charleston as we set up, hidden at Washington Square. They sat down at a bench nearby and he presented her with a book that shared their love for one another as well as the bond that has continued to grow between himself and her beautiful daughters. They got to the final page of the book and it said "will you marry me" as he placed the book on the bench and got down on one knee. Truthfully, we had a hard time holding in the tears! It was very apparent the love they have for one another and how important this proposal was to him as he put so much love and time into the process!  

Congratulations Brad and Michelle! And thank you for letting up be a part of this big day!