Just Add Water

If you’ve lived in Charleston, SC, or even visited, you know the weather can be quite outrageous. It can go from sunny to flooding in a matter of minutes! However, you have to work with what you got and here in Charleston that often means working with the rain!

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a newly engaged couple, Jacqueline and Mike! For starters, we loved how visible their happiness was with one another as we ventured through the streets of downtown Charleston!  

Next, their preparation for the chance of rain was incredible! They came with rain boots and umbrella in hand! Fortunately, the rain held out until the end of the shoot, but we loved knowing we were prepared with such an outstanding couple! 

Thank you to Jacqueline and Mike for not only a great shoot, but also for being such great sports about this crazy southern weather!

We also had the joy of photographing an elopement shoot with Darlene and David at the Battery and WOW did it rain! There was flooding on many streets downtown and floods all around the ceremony! (However, people do say this is good luck on your wedding day!) 

We captured photos of Darlene and David before, during and after the ceremony. We loved the transparent compassion they shared and the authenticity of their relationship!

The rain did not stump the mood of these two! Their excitement for such a great day radiated through the rain showers! Thank you Darlene and David for letting us be a part of your special day!

Another family that experienced a quick change in the weather was the Mubarak family from Tennessee! The photo shoot began with beautiful weather as we shot photos of the family in many locations downtown!

The photo shoot was coming to an end as small droplets began to fall. We noticed the faint view of a rainbow and tried to capture it with the clouds rolling in behind!

A bit of an action shot there for you! And would you look at that rainbow! It faded quickly, but what an exquisite ending to such a wonderful shoot. Thank you to the Mubarak family!

And a big thank you to all of our wonderful clients and viewers!

Check back with us soon to hear more about what's happening in the Lowcountry!