Furry Family Fotos

"Ruby! Look here. Please stop moving. I want to take your picture." Snap... ugh it's blurry.... AGAIN! Trying to take a picture of the furry family members can be so hard + aggravating. It turns into a screaming match with your dog + really that just involves you screaming and your little furry bundle of energy has she tucks her tail + ears. No one is happy then. What a dilemma!

iheartcharleston family pet photography
iheartcharleston family pet photography charleston south carolina

Solution... let a professional handle the photographing of that wonderful, lovable ball of fur + drool. Aggravation diverted! We are having a photo event for those adorable creatures {dogs, cats, goats, you name it we love it, we would love to photograph a goat!} that greet as you walk through the door after a long day at work + crawl into your lap as soon as you sit down on the couch for the evening to enjoy a movie. Bring out their personality + cuteness with their own personal mini studio session. 

iheartcharleston family pet photos March 2016
iheartcharleston family pet photos march 2016

March 19th-20th

  • mini studio session  
  • online gallery 
  • photo collage to post on social media


Add on mini session with you and your furry family for an additional $39