Family Photos, Not just for Humans Anymore

NEWS FLASH!!!! Hot off the press! Pets are making their way to the top of the family food chain. It is not just about Mom, Dad, Son/Daughter anymore. Cats, dogs, birds, rabbits... even goats are becoming "children" in the everyday household. Some parents seem to favor their pets more than their children. Oh the shame.... LOL! But no seriously, is your cat or dog or.... goat, a member of your family?


This is not actually new news. We’ve always known that our fur babies are as much a part of the family as anyone. Their distinct personalities + characteristics are a reflection of our own. Our very own marketing +business rockstar, Ronii, recently adopted the most adorable, sweet boxer puppy, Lucy.

Lucy loves carrots, her squeaky mummy toy + snuggle time. Her philosophy in life is there’s so many kisses to give but so little time. We love that she has so much love to give. When Lucy is in the office we always make time to stop + play on the floor.

Whether your children have 2 legs or 4 or you have both, capture their individuality with photos that show the world just how much they mean to you! Let everyone know {you know in case they don't already} that your 5 cats are your children too. Because let's face it, sometimes your cats + dogs + goats can be more of a hassle than you 3 + 5 year old. So what is everyone waiting for? Book your pet photo shoot TODAY! Let's make those furry creatures famous!