Ditch the Selfie + Upgrade Your Image

If I were to connect with you on LinkedIn, what photo would I see? A picture of you + your dog in front of your Christmas tree? While it's a super cute photo, is it really appropriate for a business profile that you hope one day will either get you a job or a client? Is that the impression you want to leave with your new boss or client? :/

First impressions are everything. Well, maybe not everything but they are highly important. Did you know that it takes a person 7 seconds to form a first impression? So make a good one with a professional head shot. What people see when they look at your picture could reflect positively or negatively on what you are providing or offering them. You want to shoot for a positive experience, right? That is what will help you grow and get people to trust you. 

So don't just take a selfie and call it a day. Or have a friend take your picture. Invest in a professional head shot that will help you get to the next level. We have the equipment, experience + know how for capturing your personality so the world sees your best angle. What are you waiting for? Let us capture your good side. Book your head shot photo shoot today!


  • 20-25 digitals including close head shots, 3/4 length + full length
  • studio + outside
  • optional: $100/pp if it is a company with 3 or more with individuals + 5-10 group shots