He Asked + You Said Yes

It’s the moment that most women dream about her entire life... being asked by the man of her dreams to marry him. It has finally happened after dating 2 years, 6 years, maybe even longer {or maybe shorter, you do you boo}. You both have never been happier. This is a big step, but you are definitely ready to make that leap into marriage life. 

The proposal was perfect... on the beach at sunset... at your favorite restaurant... maybe in your own backyard surrounded by family. Regardless of the details, it was all you imagined it would be. He was a bumbling mess of nerves and you were in crying, mascara running down your face, shambles. You can't wait to tell your family + friends... the entire world for that matter. But how do you do that?

DING DING DING.... with pictures. Engagement photos are the most perfect way to document your journey into Holy Matrimony. Capture the intimacy of being in love + the happiness of being newly engaged. From the gorgeous sparkling diamond to the perfectly blissful kiss to the walking down the street hand in hand to sitting side-by-side on a park bench cozied up to one another. Picture it all! What a special collection to have for your engagement.

So what are you waiting for... Start your journey of walking down the isle with your engagement photos. Don't let the moment pass you by!