Lights, Camera, Action! The Girl's Guide to Self-Confidence

It is a common theme among women… this not having much self-confidence. Our husbands, boyfriends, significant others, friends tell us we are crazy; that we're beautiful + sexy. But we don't buy it. That’s not what you see in the mirror. THEN, that crazy best friend of yours goes and does a boudoir photo shoot. Can you believe it? You would NEVER do a thing like that… amiright?

But... then you see her pictures. They are stunning {and let's face it, not at all what you thought a boudoir photo shoot actually was}. So you started thinking that… just maybe, you could do that. Because, really, these are amazing images of your BFF and you're kinda jealous and know you could look sexier. 

You finally get up the nerve to call the photographer about what is involved with this boudoir photo shoot thing. You are starting to feel a little more self-confident about this decision + jump on her next available time slot before you loose your nerve.

The day of your boudoir photo shoot comes. The entire thing is empowering. So glamorous. Never had you felt this sexy + unstoppable. The photographer knew exactly how to expose your assets in a way that makes you surprised that you haven't ever noticed them before. You are beautiful. You are sexy. And you love the photographer for bringing out that self-confidence that you never thought you had. 

Oh, just wait until your man gets a glimpse of these. He will be eating out of the palm of your hand. And maybe that just boosted your self-confidence up another notch!

So what are YOU waiting for? Bring out your inner goddess + that self-confidence to make yourself see just how beautiful + sexy the world thinks you truly are. There are still slots available for our Rock Your Body boudoir event. Contact us today to get our next available appointment.