From Clients to Family

Many people are not fortunate enough to have a photographer as charismatic as Dana. Her fun, silly energy is contagious and after spending 20 minutes with her you feel like you have known her your whole life. It’s obvious after seeing the number of clients that keep returning for multiple photo shoots that taking pictures isn’t just about the job for Dana, its about making new friends that she truly cares about. 

Melissa and her family are a perfect example of the kind of bond that is formed between Dana and her clients. Dana first met Melissa when she hired her to take some pictures for a family event many years ago in Charleston.  The two instantly hit it off and became close friends after the job was over. Dana, who had always wanted to live in Charleston, ended up living with Melissa for a short time while she searched for a house in the area! Melissa insisted that her new friend and trusted photographer stay as long as she liked.

Melissa continued to book Dana to shoot on several more occasions including her engagement, marriage, boudoir, maternity, and even the most intimate moment of her life thus far; the recent birth of her son Mason! Dana has met every single member for Melissa’s extended family and is invited every year to take Christmas pictures for the whole gang. Pictured below is Melissa's right hand (wo)man freshening her up for her pregnancy shoot.

When Melissa was featured in In Shape magazine for her incredible work starting her own non-profit organization, Dana was the first person she called to photograph her! For such a big day in her life, Melissa was happy to have her close friend there for moral support and a photographer that she could trust to make her shine in this career changing moment.

When booking a photographer for extremely intimate family moments, it can be scary having just anyone take pictures for you. Having a photographer that cares about your family and friends on a deep personal level not only allows for more authentic photographs but also give you the luxury of having someone you can trust to capture your most precious moments. 

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