Must Love Dogs

In lieu of National Dog Day this past week, we want to share our experiences with some sweet pups!

On Wednesday, which was National Dog Day, we met Mallory and her gorgeous golden retriever Leo! We began snapping photos of Leo on our porch as he prepared for the day’s adventure in his adorable bowtie! 

Mallory and Leo continued down the streets of Charleston and we got to see these two in their natural element! Or maybe we should say in Leo’s element as he guided Mallory down Ann Street.  

Next stop was Marion Square where Leo continued to pose for every photo! This little guy not only loves his owner, but the camera as well! Finally we arrived at Urban Outfitters and the cool air got little Leo in his zone! We loved this adventurous day with Mallory and Leo!

Oh Sebastian, what a perfect name for this adorable Corgi! This pup stole the hearts of every onlooker!


It looks like he has stolen the hearts of his owners as well! And it looks like Sebastian has a smile on his face! 

While we did stroll down the streets of Charleston, Sebastian did a great job of keeping up! He was very deserving of some relaxation as the shoot came to an end. Thank you to this beautiful couple for bringing such joy to this shoot! It was a pleasure to work with them and their sweet puppy!

Last, but absolutely not least, our incredible office dog, Texas! We cannot begin to express the love with have for him! Look at that sweet face!

Tex belongs to our very own Juliette. He has attended multiple shoots and never ceases to put a smile on our faces! Thank you Juliette for allowing this heart-warming fella to spend time with us on a regular basis!