Behind the Scenes: Brad and Anh's Engagement

Last week, we had the privilege of taking engagement pictures for Brad and Anh. We walked the couple down to the golf cart and drove them to our first shooting location, the American Theater. For any of you Nicholas Sparks fans out there, this was where Allie and Noah were filmed dancing in the street for The Notebook! It’s always a fun little set of photos to do that everyone recognizes. In typical King Street fashion, a man began to play the saxophone while we were on the street taking pictures. Brad and Anh danced around to the music creating some beautiful moments!

As we cruised farther down King Street on the golf cart (which is now named Roxanne thanks to Brad) the couple giggled as they told us how Brad popped the question. “I planned a girl’s spa day for Anh and her closest friends followed by brunch.” (What a considerate fiancé, every girl’s two favorite things!) “Brunch was followed by a day of shopping, I actually got one of my friends to chauffeur the girls around.”

Anh said she started to get a little bit suspicious when their personal driver took them to a boat on the Charleston Harbor and she was greeted by her closest family and friends. “He’s really not that much of a planner, so I was extremely impressed by everything he had thought of in advanced!” Anh smiled as she reminisced.

“After hiding all day, I came up from the bottom of the boat once it had taken off and pulled out into the harbor. I proposed in front of of everyone in the middle of the ocean” Brad exclaimed.

The next hour was spent taking pictures in White Point Gardens, along the harbor, and on the ancient cobblestone streets. Luckily, Anh was more than willing to kick off her heels and jump over the railing with Dana for some beach pictures by the harbor. We loved her enthusiasm!

The ride back to the office in Roxanne (the golf cart) was relaxing as the evening sea breeze blew in from off of the harbor. Of course we couldn’t make it back without a few passer byers trying to hop on for a ride. Roxanne has become quite a hot commodity around town. We dropped the couple off in front of O-Ku so they could grab some sushi and a few cocktails while we edited their pictures. After just two short hours, the couple came back in to view their photographs on the big screen.

We feel so lucky to have been able to capture Brad and Anh’s engagement and make some new friends in the process! We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look from their shoot :)