Meet the Team

D A N A 

Meet our head honcho and photo rock star Dana K! Originally from Detroit, Dana has been living in Charleston for the past 6 years. Aside from her arch nemesis humidity that constantly attacks her good hair days, the historic beauty and charm of the city was what attracted to the area and kept her here ever since. Photography was something she loved from an early age. “Growing up, I thought that my aunt Malinda was the coolest person. She always had her Canon AE1 with a bunch of lenses, including a 500mm that she called “Big Bertha”. She was so fun and spontaneous and I always connected photography with her.” Her first paying photo shoot was for a home school prom. Fun fact, she was homeschooled herself! Since then, she has been a professional freelance photographer for over 10 years. Dana has been published in a few national magazines, many local publications, and shot everything from weddings, modeling portfolios, headshots, family portraits, musicians, and more! When Dana is not busy taking beautiful photographs, she is dancing around her house, pinning things on Pintrest, or hanging out with the two coolest people she knows; her children Eden and Tait. If she could eat one food for the rest of her life it would be sushi and her dream talent is to belt out ballads like Whitney Houston. If you ask Dana for a restaurant recommendation she’ll most likely send you to Smoke BBQ on King Street.  

 A L E X A N D R A

Meet Alexandra, our office superstar! Although new to the Charleston area, Alexandra has been vacationing and visiting family here for years. Her favorite childhood memory is watching the Fourth of July fireworks on the Pitt Street Bridge over looking the harbor. She found herself drawn to our studio because of her lifelong passion for photography. “Taking photos has always been something I’ve absolutely loved. It’s mainly been focused towards landscapes, but recently I photographed my friend's wedding and loved it.” Alexandra is the happiest anytime she’s near the water and the beach, which explains her current choice of residence, and why she wanted to attend UNC Wilmington where she received her Bachelor’s degree in both Communications and French. Ooh la la! Her favorite books include One Mississippi, A State of Wonder, and Tell the Wolves I’m Home. The most beautiful place Alexandra has ever been (besides Charleston of course) is Cinque Terre, Italy. A jack-of-all-trades, Alexandra was once a competitive hip-hop dancer and enjoys painting in her spare time. She is an avid green tea drinker and if she could have one wish granted it would be to fly. Even though it’s in Mount Pleasant, Alexandra says to be sure to check out Page’s Okra Grill for some great southern food. 


Meet Juliette, our life enthusiast intern and aspiring mermaid! Displaced from her original home of Austin, Texas she recently migrated to Charleston to be closer to the ocean. Her black lab is her best friend and they like to pass their time taking long runs on the beach, watching Wes Anderson films, and cuddling in bed together. Juliette just graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.A. in English and has since then been more seriously pursuing her life long hobbies such as photography and cactus collecting (the former of which lead her to us). “My aunt gave me her old Nikon FM2 a few years ago which was the first time I considered I might actually want a serious career pertaining to photography. A sucker for adopting useless skills, I refused to take anything but SLR film photography classes and haven’t been able to put a camera down since.” If Juliette could eat one food for the rest of her life it would be tacos (what a Texas cliché). You can find her reading anything by William Faulkner and listening to Mac Demarco, Real Estate, or Jesse Woods. Juliette suggests heading over to Xiao Bao Biscuit for some experimental Asian fusion dishes and trendy cocktails. 


Meet Rachel, our exuberant and giggly photographer extraordinaire! Fresh from Chester, New York, she is our studio’s newest resident to the Charleston area. Her favorite part about living here (for better or worse) is that she feels like she is constantly on a never-ending vacation. A photography veteran, she has been taking pictures since she received her first camera in middle school. “Ever since then I basically decided it was what I wanted to do. I just recently graduated with my associate’s degree in photography. I’ve had two photo internships, been an assistant for numerous photographers and have shot everything from weddings to commercial work.” Rachel is a huge fan of 80’s rock and is constantly listening to Def Leppard and Bon Jovi. Perhaps a little bit OCD (in the best way possible), Rachel enjoys spending her free time organizing, working out, and watching movies. If she needs to take a day to herself to get away from it all she’ll retreat to the beach to spend some solo time laying on the beach clearing her head. She finds herself the happiest when she is helping others… and eating lots of delicious pasta. She is always laughing and likes her hot cocoa with extra marshmallows. If you ask Rachel for a place to eat, she’ll send you to Charleston Beer Works for some awesome local brews and out of this world burgers.